Committed to superior quality and results


KVEE POLYRICH TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd.” Manufacturer of unique class of compounded plastic raw materials designed to improve the performance and productivity of many plastics applications. We achieve global standards for quality, service and performance. Our focus on latest manufacturing technology enables improvement in productivity and reduction in material costs with quality and consistency. Continuous R&D has resulted in introduction of new generation products like PROCESSESING Add, Modifier, high loading PP/LLDE base filler masterbatches, biodegradable masterbatches, additive compounds, optical brighteners, colour masterbatches, UV stabilizers, Desicant masterbatches , etc.

KVEE POLYRICH TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd.” is also share and Provide best technical support for all type of material processing. always believes in quality consist products. we always using quality consist raw materials and we also import the best quality of All Raw material available in the world. We are also committed to serve superior quality and consistency with results.