it was also known as deforming masterbatch. Plastic product including extrusion, injection and film process is made of plastic raw material melt with high temperature by extrusion molding equipments. The quality of plastic product is directly and closely related to the and drawback molding product. The moisture content in raw material will directly impact to the process of plastic will become steam in the of plastic product and lead to with property hole in influence the mechanics and appearance of plastic product.

In order to improve the quality of plastic product and wipe off the moisture in currently people mainly adopt heating and drying the raw material before process. This process needs buy additional drying equipments with high temperature. Increase technology process, the production cost.


Desiccant masterbatches is a new high technology functional masterbatches specially designed to remove the water, bubble and in plastic product with PE,PP, PVC, ABS, EVA, Ps and PA as raw material. When adding desiccant masterbatches, do not need drying process for plastic raw material and reduce the cost of plastic product, increase production efficient and largely improve the mechanics property and appearance of plastic product.