It is compounded of high quality calcium carbonet ( filler), polymer (resin) and  other additive agents by twin-screw machine. Filler Masterbatches with good dispersion and environmental protection can improve the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness, rigidity and increasing specific gravity of plastic products, Less Machine Wear & Tear, Energy Saving, Less Wastage, Increasing  machine output by+5% – 20%  and it can replace the use of plastic material to reduce production cost for consumers.

It is widely used in Woven Sacks, Non Woven, Lamination, corrugated sheet, PP Article, Strapping, Very Effective Anti Fibrillation Master Batch, PP Bags, FIBC Bags, Jumbo Bags, Food Containers, Injection& Blow Molding.

We can supply a range of filler masterbatches, such as Transparent Filler Masterbatches, Nano Filler Masterbatches and Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches Transparent Filler Masterbatches