Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor’ or ‘Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor’ is special type of Master batch to meet the corrosion problems. this Masterbatch is for blown film extrusion improves several properties to LDPE, LLDPE, PP or HDPE resins when added in extrusion process. The required Dosage of these Masterbatches are in range of 2% levels in LDPE and the Anticorrosive VCI Films obtained are excellent packaging materials for stopping or delaying the corrosion processes. VCI Masterbatch is used as packaging for various metal parts. The film present in VCI Masterbatch will provide a film satisfactory for outside storage for more than one year and also provide complete protection up to years for some products. VCI Masterbatch is thermally stable, which allows its use in warm or hot climate without any problems. Straight polyethylene resin or resin blends are used for blending VCI Masterbatch. In normal working friendly environment dust and dirt is not attracted by VCI Masterbatches